Gmail and Outlook Are Breaking Up

Gmail has long been available to use through Outlook and other email applications. While it wasn’t a great set up in the first place, it’s at least been functional. This is about to change.

Beginning June 15 this year, Google will no longer allow the use of Less Secure Apps (like Outlook) with Gmail. If you use Outlook and Gmail together, nothing will break at this point, but you will no longer be able to set up the same configuration on a new computer. Google is doing this to help you transition to using Gmail in the web. Use this time wisely, because they will completely turn off this functionality – including for existing setups – by February 15, 2021.

If you have worked with us already, we have likely already discouraged using Outlook with Gmail. If you have not transitioned to or have not worked with us before, consider this your official notice that this functionality is now threatened and very much approaching its end of life.

We can provide training and help reconfigure your setups if you wish; simply let us know.


2 thoughts on “Gmail and Outlook Are Breaking Up”

    1. Hi Yosef,

      This blog post was last year; I would still expect this ending of compatibility to happen in the next few weeks, possibly months if they have pushed their timetable back some.

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