Meet Our Team

Brady Helkenn, Owner / IT Consultant

I started my formal training to fix computers in 2007, got my first job in 2008, and have been running my own business since 2010.

I’ve earned various Microsoft and Apple certifications throughout this career, including:

  • Windows 7 Optimization
  • Mac OS X Lion troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
  • A+ (hardware troubleshooting)
  • Network+ (network protocols and troubleshooting)
  • Security+ (security algorithms, best practices for computer security)

I’ve helped migrate entire companies to new phone systems, email systems, and set up brand new offices. I’ve supported hundreds of people with their IT needs. Through all of these experiences, the one constant I hear is “Good thing you’re in my life. I would have never been able to figure this out on my own.”

I believe in taking away the stress of technology wherever I can. Struggle less by turning to the right professional for help.

Outside of work, I play piano, go hiking every now and then, try new restaurants, and am admittedly a Trekkie AND a Star Wars fan.

Nikita "Nikie" Mercado, Administrator

Nikita oversees administrative functions at BHTC. She has a varied background in project management and event coordination, public policy, international relations, and marketing. She also brings her content management and research experience to the table.

She lived in South Korea for 8 years to earn her Bachelors and Masters degree. Her background includes work for media companies, universities, think tanks and start-ups.

She is also a world traveler and enjoys exploring different cultures.

Tonya Makowski, Sr. Maintenance Specialist / IT Consultant

Tonya is the senior maintenance tech, overseeing maintenance the maintenance team and performing additional tasks and troubleshooting issues during maintenance shifts.  She brings over 15 years of IT and development experience to the BH Tech Connection team. Having worked in a variety of industries ranging from medical and legal to non-profit, she understands business needs and how to work with technical and non-technical users and stakeholders.

In 2009, Tonya completed a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in database management. She has worked as an IT consultant, Webmaster, .Net Developer, Analyst, Software Technician, and Database Developer.

In that time, she has:

  • Overseen IT budgets, departments, and projects
  • Functioned as a one-woman Help Desk
  • Been a key decision maker in software upgrades
  • Managed an enterprise SQL Server database
  • Trained a team during a WordPerfect to Word conversion
  • Trained users
  • Replaced hardware
  • Removed viruses and optimized computers
  • Written documentation and system proposals
  • Built database solutions

In her spare time, Tonya is a science geek, home-brews beer and maintains a YouTube beer review channel, is big into social justice, and works to strong-arm diversity in the tech industry. She lives in the East Bay with her son.