Meet Our Team

Brady Helkenn, Principal and Jedi Master

Brady is the founder of BH Tech Connection. He started his formal education in IT services and support in 2007 and received his first full-time job within a year of that. He quickly took to the social aspect of IT, and even though he could fix printers and replace hardware like any self-respecting IT professional, he quickly realized his passion lay in finding new ways to improve performance or make workflows more efficient.

He started to moonlight while still at this first job, helping fellow coworkers out with home computers and taking on occasional clients through Craigslist. He called his budding solo proprietorship BH Tech Connection in 2010, but it wasn't until 2015 after a few different jobs and a stint as a freelance contractor touring some of the Bay Area's tech companies that he decided to make his side hustle the main show.

Brady has earned several Microsoft and Apple certifications throughout this career, including:

  • Windows OS Configuration
  • Apple Mac OS X Troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
  • A+ (hardware troubleshooting)
  • Network+ (network protocols and troubleshooting)
  • Security+ (security algorithms, best practices for computer security)

Over the past several years, he has helped migrate entire companies to new phone systems, email systems, set up brand new offices, and provided services and support to thousands of people. Throughout all of this, his passion for looking to help the person behind the tech has only intensified, and he strongly believes in reducing IT-related stress whenever possible through transparent communication and simple, clear, and inclusive service offerings.

Outside of work, he plays the piano, goes hiking, tries new restaurants, and freely embraces his nerd-dom in universes such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Edwin Washington, VP of Backups

Edwin Washington has worked in IT for over 15 yrs. Starting out in customer service, he just kinda fell into the IT side and didn't want to let go. In this time, he's worked in a wide variety of industries, including casinos, and earned various certifications such as the A+ and Network+ (hardware and network troubleshooting, respectively). As a result of his experiences, he has found himself equally comfortable between Windows and Mac computers.

What Edwin enjoys the most about BH Tech Connection is the variety of clients he helps, which leads to a variety of new things to explore and learn in the IT field.

Outside of BH Tech Connection, he enjoys gaming and traveling.

Tristan Hembree, VP of Cybersecurity

Tristan has been in IT for almost 2 decades, starting when he joined the US Navy as an electronics technician in 2001. He’s solved IT challenges on equipment ranging from cutting edge radar technology down to malfunctioning printers and everything in-between.

He enjoys solving problems with a focus on client-centered relationships and is adept at explaining complex technology in easy to understand laymen’s terms.

He loves working at BH Tech Connection because of the client-centered approach and the freedom and flexibility that can only be offered by focusing on small businesses.

When he is not working, he enjoys reading, biking around the city, hiking the mountains and nearby trails, and creative writing.

Phil Rodriguez, IT Consultant

Phil has been in IT for over 25 years, starting when he was just 17. He has owned his own Custom Computer Shop where he has built custom PC’s and 3d Printers. He has worked in the medical and dental field as front-line tech support for one of the largest dental IT support companies in the country, as well as other companies like Symantec, giving him unique insights into the cybersecurity industry.

He is certified in both Mac and Windows-based hardware and software, and his background in custom PCs has taught him a lot about what smaller businesses look for, both in their computers and their IT experts.

Phil enjoys working at BH Tech Connection because of the family-style environment and the comradery between the employees and clients and the respect that Brady has for his clients and employees.

On his days outside of work, he enjoys Fishing, Archery, 3D printing, and gaming.