IT Administrative Support & Licensing for Small Businesses and Startups

Businesses today are only as good as the applications and processes they have in place. Failing to have each tool set up correctly compromises productivity, performance, and ROI. Don't waste another dollar on the wrong tools for your business, let our team of experts help you get set up right from the start.

Work with Experts

Our team has the experience and credentials to provide you fast, reliable service for any IT challenge. We are also able to identify what is the most important software that you need in your business now, and avoid making costly recommendations for unnecessary solutions. We take pride in providing friendly, knowledgeable and accelerated support to our customers.

Licensing Support Options

Choosing the right applications for your business can feel frustrating. Our team can help set you up the right way to successfully leverage all the tools and functionalities necessary for your business. Take a look at our different options we have for software licensing with Google, Microsoft, and more.


Google Workspace

Our team of experts can set you up with Google Workspace. Whether you need email or support setting up more advanced controls, we can help you choose the right-sized solution for your business.

Microsoft Office 365

Do you need all the Microsoft Office applications or just Outlook email? Let's figure that out together. We can set your team up with the right applications for your business operations to run smoothly.


Internet Security

Are you regularly accessing the internet via public wi-fi networks? Make sure that you are protected with a virtual private network (VPN).

GPS Tracking for Laptops & Mobile Devices

Do you have a plan for the theft of laptops and mobile devices? We offer a simple, affordable solution for device tracking and protection.


Email Security

Email is one of the most important tools used to operate a business. Email phishing attacks are also getting more sophisticated. We offer an email security solution and training for your team to not fall victim to phishing attacks that put your business at risk.


Find Your Customized IT Action Plan

Take our free IT Risk Assessment to understand how your current IT setup scores in four important categories: IT infrastructure, effective backups and disaster recovery, security, and workflow.