Email Security Solution

Email is arguably one of the most important tools to running a business. And email phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated. As a business owner, you and your team may be moving so quickly that you miss the signs of an attack. Our team of experts can provide you the support and peace of mind that you need when it comes to email security.

What is phishing?

Cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your passwords or credit card information by sending emails claiming to be somebody else. They might use a sender name that looks legitimate like the name of a staff member, a bank, or other business name. The email may even contain logos and other visuals that make it look like a real email communication. Clicking a link in a phishing email could take you to a fake website that looks just like the real version of the site and get you to enter your login information or credit card for a payment. Take steps to protect yourself from phishing attacks.


How to stop phishing emails?

BH Tech Connection offers an add-on service for email security called IRONSCALES to help phishing emails skip your inbox. Our team of experts is also available to train your team on how to recognize a phishing attack and the critical steps to take if you did accidentally provide sensitive information.


Managed IT Services

Is your business protected from cybersecurity incidents, data loss, and downtime? We offer managed IT services for antivirus and anti-malware, backups, maintenance, and password management.

IT Support

Let our team serve you as your help desk to address IT challenges quickly so you can focus on running your business. We provide IT services for a flat-fee retainer and have options for 24/7 support.

Administrative Support & Licensing

Work with our team of experts to set up the business applications and processes you need to run your business. We can help you with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, email and internet security, GPS tracking, and more.


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