How does a ransomware attack FEEL?

A man bent over his laptop with his hands around the back of his head in despair.

It’s hard to visualize a ransomware attack if you’ve never seen one. Have you seen someone else go through it? Have you gone through it?

While we offer a service to protect people from this kind of thing, it can be difficult to reach people in time.

That’s because good cybersecurity is a little like discussing life insurance. We instinctively assume we’re too small and unlikely to get hit, or that our data is not important enough for others to bother with. And we have other things on our minds.

So I wrote this article on LinkedIn to describe what it’s actually like. I want to help you visualize what happens. To make this easier to talk about. After all, it’s not going away.

Check it out:

Thanks! Until next time 馃檪

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