Data Backups for Small Businesses and Startups

Do you think your data is safe? Between ransomware, hardware failure, natural disasters, and human error - there are so many risks to running a business without a proper backup and disaster recovery solution as part of your IT strategy.


Do you know the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage?

Many business owners don't know the difference! Cloud storage keeps your data in a secure location that you can access files from anywhere. This may keep your data in the cloud - but any accidental or malicious deletion or corruption of that data will also replicate itself everywhere as well! A cloud backup is the intentional practice of keeping additional copies of your data in a separate physical location or cloud location that is separate from your cloud storage.

Why do you need a cloud backup?

If a hacker accesses and encrypts your data in a ransomware attack, then our online backups provide you with an extra layer of protection. When you are busy running your business, stopping to make sure there is a backup can fall to the wayside. We take the stress away and protect you in case you need that disaster recovery.



Prevent ransomware attacks with our antivirus and anti-malware protection software that acts like a Tech Ninja.


Do you frequently ignore alerts to update your software and apps? Our regular maintenance service helps you avoid downtime and lost productivity with regular updates for your Mac or PC.

Password Management

Easy-to-remember passwords are also easy for cybercriminals to crack. Our team of experts help you install a password manager for all of your accounts using a unique and difficult to hack password.


Find Your Customized IT Action Plan

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