Our clients tend to approach IT at one of the three following Levels:

Level 1: Troubleshooting

Purely reactive; low cost, but often leads to high stress and lack of understanding or control over your infrastructure

Level 2: Consulting

We plan out proactive projects to improve workflow and services - reducing stress - and become true partners in your success.

Level 3: Protection

Managed Services like antivirus or backup protection help to maintain your infrastructure and proactively prevent issues from happening.

Here are some ways you can Level Up and Stress Less with BH Tech Connection:

Managed Services

We believe strongly in offering useful and affordable services costs for businesses too small for more traditional Managed Services contracts, and we’ve identified the following areas as the most crucial:

  • Antivirus Admins - Antivirus systems and support
  • Backup Bastion - Backup systems and support
  • Elite G Suite - Email platform hosting and support
  • Password Protectors - Password Management support and training
  • Proactive Prevention - Computer maintenance to reduce issues and improve performance

Consulting Audits

We perform our audits at a high level to get a general sense of your environment at large, or focus them on one of the following areas for more in-depth analysis:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Workflow Improvements (including email best practices)
  • Password Management

Retainer Service

We also believe strongly in offering useful and affordable services for businesses too small to afford internal IT staff, and our retainer service gives you more peace of mind, less stress over your IT budget, and promotes more training and proactive IT projects within your company. This isn’t like the retainer you’d find at a law firm where you prepay for a certain number of hours; rather, this completely replaces our billable hourly rates!

We love this approach since it establishes a true partnership to help your company succeed without nickel-and-diming you for every support call and visit - exactly like an IT department would operate at a larger organization.

Can you picture how nice that would feel?

Interested in more details? Check out our Welcome Packet for more details.

Wondering how each piece fits together?

  • Managed Services - We like to start by identifying the key elements of your infrastructure you'd like managed (antivirus, backups, password management, computer maintenance, etc.) and address those first to ensure you are protected as soon as possible
  • Consulting Audits - We then like to audit the environment to identify further projects that should be undertaken to improve your IT landscape in various areas such as security, disaster recovery, and workflow.
  • Retainer Service - We then allow the retainer to handle the heavy lifting of addressing improvement projects now that your key IT infrastructure is protected

Want to sign up?

Whether you're looking for an audit, managed service support for an important facet of your business, or an ongoing Consulting and Support Retainer to keep your budget predictable and your technology happy, you can get started here!

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Optional Addon Packages

Do you have a website? (Go on, say yes.)

Your website is never truly done and needs to be looked after, just like a garden. If you stop watering your plants, they start to look sad and wilt. The same is true for your website; it needs to be updated technically, visually and with content, as well as checked for bugs and hackers so that it will be there for your new and returning customers when you cannot.

Starting from 39.00 / month, our Website Support package provides access to Video Tutorials & Training, Core Software & Plugin Updates, Malware Scanning & Database Backups, Site Uptime Monitoring, Performance Optimization, and Monthly Health & Analytics Reports, as well as regularly scheduled Website Checkups & Reviews.

If your website has e-commerce, we have a package tailored for that! Starting from 319.00 / month, this package also adds support for e-commerce updates and additional Service Time to help with strategic planning, coaching, content & design creation, etc.



“I literally cannot say enough great things about this company! Until we found BH Tech Connection I would constantly curse our IT issues ... once we hired Brady and his team, he updated our entire computer system made and our access and back-up secure. His company and their work has made my job so much easier. His fees are totally reasonable and his integrity unbeatable. If you need IT support run, don't walk, to these guys!!”

- Heather S., small business attorney



“Brady has a real passion for what he does in the tech world. He is on time, quick to respond and is very knowledgeable on both Macs and PCs . . . he also made strong recommendation on what we could do to make our business environment thrive. Brady is at the top of my "tech guys list" to call on. Keep up the great work!!!”

- Peter B., small business owner



As a solo business owner, I didn't think I needed an "IT" department - boy am I glad I met Brady. It is great to have someone who is knowledge, responsive and goes the extra mile to teach me new efficiencies every time we meet.

- Patricia D., small business attorney