IT Solutions to Protect Your Small Business or Startup

It can be challenging for small businesses to access the proper IT protection and support. Many have to fend for themselves, rather than working with experts to set up their IT infrastructure appropriately. BH Tech Connection provides multiple options and service levels to our clients to give them the protection, support, and time they need and deserve. Unlike other IT companies, we set a maximum limit on computers. We explicitly support clients with 10 or fewer computers - including just one computer! This shows our commitment to small businesses and individuals.

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Managed IT Services

Small businesses and startups can work with our IT experts to correctly deploy its hardware, keep employees and customers connected, and protect sensitive data. Managed IT services are outsourced solutions that help you delegate out software and security protection in a proactive way so you can focus on growing your business. Here you'll find solutions for antivirus/anti-malware, backups, maintenance, and password management.

IT Support

We're different from other IT providers because we provide a high quality service with a predictable price tag. By working with us for a flat-fee retainer you can get your IT issues resolved quickly without worrying about paying an hourly rate that ends up turning into an expensive invoice at the end of the month. Have peace of mind that we'll take care of you and your team acting as a help desk to address day-to-day IT issues so you can focus on running your business. We can also provide 24/7 support plans with a US-based team to help you avoid any downtime or workflow disruptions.

IT Strategy & Project Support

Are you hoping to add to your IT infrastructure? We can help with that by providing support from a chief technology officer. Let us support your project and ensure you are making a strong long-term investment in your business.

Administrative Support & Licensing

Do you need help choosing the right applications and software for your business - Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace? We can help with that. We also have a number of other software solutions we can recommend to protect your business from security threats.



IT Best Practices Guide

Protect your business from phishing attacks and hackers. We share our tips to protect your small business and keep your sensitive data safe without a large IT staff.

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Take our free IT Risk Assessment to understand how your current IT setup scores in four important categories: IT infrastructure, effective backups and disaster recovery, security, and workflow.

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