Think back to the first time you turned on your computer. It was fast and clean, and you were excited to use it. Unfortunately, it never lasts. What with all the viruses and the drained memory, the computer gets bloated, it slows down, or gives rise to mysterious pop-ups. Most people don’t think about getting their computers fixed or cleaned up until major disasters set in. In many cases, that tipping point is several months, oftentimes ages after symptoms have first appeared.

With our monthly subscription detailed below, you can reduce the time between a problem starting and having it solved, erasing years of computer sluggishness and reducing issues to an absolute minimum while saving you tons of time and unnecessary aggravation.


Preventative Maintenance


"I had a problem with legal software that was really essential to my family law practice. I had paid for the update to the software, but was unable to even call the program up. It just wouldn't load. The software provider kept trying to pass the buck. I enlisted Brady's help to deal with them, and he held their feet to the fire until the software was successfully installed and available for my use. Brady is working on other on-going IT projects for me, and has been a real value add to my practice. I highly recommend his services."

— Norma L.

  • Price range: 60 - 480 / month based on size
  • Open Door Email Policy
  • Exempt from Emergency Fees
  • Speeds up and reduces freezing on computers
  • Computers stay fast longer
  • Reduces frequency of troubleshooting calls
  • Increases longevity of computers
  • Ensures backups are running smoothly
  • Ensures image backups are working
  • Ensures antivirus is running correctly
  • Recover more quickly from a crash

With a subscription of Preventative Maintenance, you receive remote cleanup and monitoring of your computers and backups. This means automatically emptying out all the garbage that is slowing everything down: clearing startup entries, outdated programs, even spyware. We'll also monitor your backups to ensure they're running smoothly, which is probably something you take for granted. Case in point: When was the last time you made sure your backups work? Have you ever restored a test file? What if you need a backup restored, and it turns out it's not been working properly for months? How do you know you're protected properly against viruses?

This monthly subscription provides for a smoother and often faster computer experience. When you enroll in our Preventative Maintenance subscription, you can expect to have less computer emergencies overall, and shorter delays from any issues that do come up. You'll also have piece of mind, knowing that you're protected against data loss, viruses, and computer crashes.

Still unconvinced? Out of all the emergency calls I've received over the past year, NONE of them were from clients who have been on a subscription. By contrast, my 5 highest-effort clients (taking up 80% of my time during the week, and therefore theirs as well) are companies of at least 4 employees who are not on a subscription. Prevention makes a big difference! While this isn't necessarily a guarantee that a client on a subscription wouldn't have an emergency, personal experience is showing that the likelihood is much reduced.

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