Consulting Audits

Another service we offer, in addition to our monthly services above, is our Consulting Audits - various regularly recurring sessions with our Consultants to analyze your business health in various branches of IT and provide recommendations and plan corrective actions to improve your business's score! There are several different audits we provide; we recommend checking out more details on our audits here.

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"I had a problem with legal software that was really essential to my family law practice. I had paid for the update to the software, but was unable to even call the program up. It just wouldn't load. The software provider kept trying to pass the buck. I enlisted Brady's help to deal with them, and he held their feet to the fire until the software was successfully installed and available for my use. Brady is working on other on-going IT projects for me, and has been a real value add to my practice. I highly recommend his services."

— Norma L.

Monthly Services

Most businesses want to have fast computers and stay protected against the worst kinds of crashes and malware. They have a need for efficient computers that are backed up and remain secure against viruses and sensitive data breaches. Depending on your business's needs, our monthly services can be tailored to fit them!

We have multiple monthly services offered:

  • Antivirus Admins - monthly management of antivirus systems to ensure your devices remain protected against the latest infections
  • Backup Bastion - monthly management of backup systems to ensure your data is kept safe from ransomware attacks, crashes, and other disasters
  • Password Protectors - monthly management of your password management system to ensure it is used properly and tested for compromised or weak passwords
  • Proactive Prevention - monthly cleanup of your devices to ensure they remain stable and faster for more of its lifespan
  • Maintenance Mastery - monthly services combining the best elements of all the above subscriptions, and priced to be within budget

Interested in more details about our monthly services? Check out our Google Doc!

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