Our clients tend to approach IT at one of the three following Levels:

Level 1: Troubleshooting

Purely reactive; low cost, but often leads to high stress and lack of understanding or control over your infrastructure

Level 2: Consulting

Takes some the reins into your hands by identifying weaknesses and learning to take back control through targeted projects

Level 3: Protection

Completes the transition from Reactive to Proactive IT, taking full control over and maximizing protection of your infrastructure!

Here are some ways you can Level Up and Stress Less with BH Tech Connection:

Consulting Audits

One of the services we offer is our Consulting Audits - periodic sessions with our Consultants to analyze your business health in various branches of IT and provide recommendations and plan corrective actions to improve your business's score!

We offer the following Consulting Audits:

  • IT State Health Check - our flagship audit
  • Antivirus Audit - analyze your protection against malware
  • Backups Audit - analyze your protection against data loss
  • Email System Audit - analyze the efficiency, access, and disaster recovery of your email system
  • Password Management Audit - analyze your protection against account hacks

Interested in more details about our Consulting Audits? Check out our Google Doc.




“Brady has a real passion for what he does in the tech world. He is on time, quick to respond and is very knowledgeable on both Macs and PCs . . . he also made strong recommendation on what we could do to make our business environment thrive. Brady is at the top of my "tech guys list" to call on. Keep up the great work!!!”

- Peter B., small business owner

Level Up!

Nothing can help you break out of your reactive approach to IT faster than auditing yourself! Level Up to our Consulting level (Level 2) and learn about the many ways you can both protect yourself and make your life easier!

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Monthly Services

Most businesses want to have fast computers and stay protected against the worst kinds of crashes and malware. They have a need for efficient computers that are backed up and remain secure against viruses and sensitive data breaches. Whether you want a standard managed services approach, or prefer to focus on budgeting or security, we have a solution for you!

We have multiple monthly services offered:

  • Maintenance Mastery - flagship service that provides consistent servicing of devices while ensuring they remain protected from viruses and data loss
  • Security Supremacya powerful set of protective software and practices to maximize security
  • Budget Bundlingminimize variance in IT service costs month to month while stabilizing computer performance

Interested in learning more? Check out our Google Doc!

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“I literally cannot say enough great things about this company! Until we found BH Tech Connection I would constantly curse our IT issues and feel like everything was more complicated then I could handle. Once we hired Brady and his team, he updated our entire computer system made and our access and back-up secure. His company and their work has made my job so much easier. His fees are totally reasonable and his integrity unbeatable. If you need IT support run, don't walk, to these guys!!”

- Heather S., small business owner

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We offer various promotions to help incentivize our clients to take that final leap into our third and highest level of support, the Protection level (Level 3)! Coupled with our Consulting Audits, feel how empowering it can be to switch from reactive to proactive IT and do away with the concept of IT as a necessary evil, and instead embrace IT as the vehicle that drives efficiency and growth!

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Wondering how each piece fits together?

  • You first engage us because of slow internet.
  • We determine both the local network is old, but the ISP is too slow for your company size.
  • After planning projects to upgrade your network, we also analyze options for upgrade your bandwidth and to budget for computer upgrades
  • After these projects are completed, preventative services are put in place to protect data on existing computers and keep them running smoothly

The above shows one simple example we see often, but it illustrates how one issue can lead to a change in your company that not only solved the original problem but also helps protect it against several other issues down the line. We don't just look to solve the first problem - we look for other imminent threats to your business continuity and offer steps to improve your protection against downtime and data loss.