Managed IT Services for Small Businesses and Individuals with 10 Computers or Fewer

Take advantage of our Managed IT Services for small businesses and avoid the hassle. We serve small businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs with fewer than 10 staff computers.

Technology creates more work and issues and you don't have time to deal with them. Get top-notch, next-gen protection from data loss, privacy breaches, and downtime. Explore our managed services, support options, and add-ons.

Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Save time and money in the long-run with our nationwide services. Have our team remotely manage your IT infrastructure and ongoing tech-related tasks. Then, gain the freedom to focus more on helping your business succeed.

The following Managed IT Services are available for small businesses and individuals:

Antivirus and Anti-Malware

Ransomware is a constantly evolving form of malware. Norton doesn’t protect you from it. Ransomware attacks are designed to encrypt and lock data stored on your computer or device until you pay a ransom. Both PC and Mac users are vulnerable. Thankfully, you can prevent ransomware attacks and other malware with software that acts like a Tech Ninja. This software is efficient, effective, and quiet.


Small business owners and freelancers often do not understand the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage. If a hacker accesses and encrypts your data in a ransomware attack, then our online backups provide you with an extra layer of protection. When you are busy doing a million things, stopping to make sure your backups are healthy can be a pain to remember. We take that stress away to ensure you can always recover important information.


Regular maintenance is necessary to help your computers run faster and smoother. Computers are like cars. If you don't perform maintenance on them, they will often cost you more in the long-run. You can avoid the headaches from troubleshooting and lost productivity with routine maintenance. We ensure your computers function as smoothly as possible with our NinjaOne software. This software works on both Macs and PCs.

Password Management

Easy-to-remember passwords are easy for cybercriminals to crack. That’s why we install a password manager for our small business clients and individuals. This service provides safeguards and prevents you from losing access to your accounts. Each account has a unique, strong password that you won’t need to remember.

IT Support Options

Flat-Fee Retainer

We know it can be annoying to pay for IT services and then still get hit with an hourly invoice later. Let us become the IT department for your small business. With this support option, contact us for help or expertise without the fear of another bill.

This flat-fee retainer replaces our hourly rates and stabilizes your budget. It helps everyone focus on the support and service, instead of the cost.

24/7 Phone and Remote Support

If you need extra support or availability outside of business hours, then this option is for you. This option is also for you, if you need on-demand support and the ability to call and always reach a tech ASAP.

Our 24/7 Phone and Remote Support upgrade gives you access to a US-based help desk team. This is ideal for time-sensitive downtime or workflow interruptions.

Monthly CTO Strategy Sessions

If you have backlogged IT projects, you might wish you had a chief technology officer on staff. Get project planning and project management support with our Monthly CTO Strategy Sessions package. You will get pre-scheduled standing meetings where someone else takes point. Let us help you get through your backlog and free up some time for you to focus on your growing business.

Managed IT Services and IT Support Add-ons

Website Support

Powered by Smack Happy Design, this add-on service helps to protect your website from malware and downtime.

Free IT Action Plan

Take our 15-minute IT Risk Assessment. Then get your free, customized IT Action Plan. This will help you determine what level of services will fit your needs best.