We offer 5 key elements to our managed services:

  • Antivirus - key security protection for computers that access company resources or information. Includes monitoring and same-day response to any malware infections.
  • Backups - file-level cloud backups for computers that contain unique data you don't want to risk losing. Includes same-day response to any data recovery requests.
  • Maintenance - security patching, remote access software to help work from home, and maintenance scripting to keep computers running smoothly.
  • Passwords - password management software to securely store and share passwords, regular security audits of shared passwords, and related support and training
  • Retainer add-on - a flat-fee option that replaces our hourly rates, stabilizes your budget, and focuses everyone on the support and service, not the cost

What level of service best fits you?

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Our Passion


Your average IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) only works with businesses with a minimum number of computers, but we're not here to help Big Business. We provide next-generation security for the other 99%, the forgotten and ignored majority of the country left to fend for themselves in a world increasingly besieged by phishing attacks and ransomware, the cost of which doubles every 2 years and is now more common than credit card fraud.

And the worst part? Your current antivirus doesn’t have what it takes to stop them.

Aren't you tired of being on the defensive, always worried about how to recover from an attack, recover your data, or reinstall all of your software from scratch?

You can prevent all of that with software that acts like a Tech Ninja; efficient, effective, and quiet.

Join the TechTonic Movement and redefine what it means to "deal with hackers" once and for all.

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