Attention CrashPlan Users!

If you haven’t heard, CrashPlan announced today that they will be ending their personal line of cloud backup services in 2018. They have given me until October 2018 personally to do something with my backups, though this may vary by a month or two in either direction for some of you. If you use CrashPlan for home, you will most likely have already received an email from them as well, and are wondering what you will do.

And I’m happy to share my 2 cents! First off, I am a fan of CrashPlan’s toolset. Their scope of service is unmatched by their competition, and their standing partnership with Carbonite is, I feel, a mistake. My official recommendation for the business owners among you is to adopt their business product, which normally goes for $10 / mo / device. They are offering a promotion of 75% off for the first year of this service, so by my calculation it would instead by 2.50 / mo / device. Not bad, and the premium price won’t likely break the bank if you are a business owner anyways. They offer migration assistance for the existing backups, which is the main reason why this is my formal recommendation moving forward.

As far as timing; we have plenty of time. If you’d like our assistance getting this migrated, let me know and we can get something scheduled quite a ways out; after all, we have over a year to get everything moved over, and I see no need to pay more than needed before it becomes necessary.

If you instead feel that $10 / mo / device is just too much money – looking at non-business owners here – then my formal recommendation for an alternative cloud backup would be Backblaze, NOT Carbonite. That said, it isn’t as feature rich as CrashPlan, and you won’t be able to move your backed up data over. These are reasons why even for you, I would still recommend CrashPlan Pro if you can swing it.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out!