Outlook Shortcuts

How much of your computer do you access with your mouse? Take Outlook for example. I’m sure you by now have defined your “comfort bubble” within it. You know how to open attachments, reply to emails, forward them. Calendars are simple, menus are intuitive (or ribbons????? Let’s not go down that rabbit hole), etc.

WAIT A SECOND! No, pop that bubble. How much do you really know about Outlook? Alright, hands up: do you know how to replace these tasks with keyboard commands? Nevermind, put your hand down, I can’t see you. I’ll show you.

I should disclaim here that these steps are for Windows. Many of these steps may work just as well on Mac, but using different command keys. I invite the Apple-heads out there to send me an email and ask for a quicker way to do some or all of the following tricks:

  1. Send an email – Pretty nifty idea here. Instead of clicking on the big Send button, look for a moment and notice the underlined “S”. This means you can use Alt+S to presto send that bad boy!
  2. Reply to an email – Similar concept, but wait, no underline? Now what? Alt+R – believe it or not, it was underlined in previous versions of Outlook, and Microsoft decided that wasn’t necessary anymore. Well….perhaps not, but isn’t it cool?
  3. Reply All to an email – Your combination of choice is Alt+L. I’m sure there was reasoning behind this somewhere, but I don’t know anymore. Try it out though; it’s fun.
  4. Forward an email – For forwarding an email, your poison is Alt+W. Huhh??? Don’t worry, it works 😀

You still with me? I got one more cool tidbit for you. To Reply, Reply All, or Forward, you don’t actually need to double-click on the email to open it first. You can simply click once on it and use the keyboard combinations above. Type what you need, then send it off lightning fast.

Interested in learning these kinds of tricks with G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps, or simply Gmail)? Contact us below and ask for help learning how to supercharge your email!

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