Introducing New Consulting Audit Services!

In September this year, we learned that over 143 million people have had their personal information exposed to hackers, courtesy of poor oversight by Equifax. This spurred an urgency in me to step up my game, and to provide others with as much proactive guidance as possible in the aftermath of this breach. With both this and future breaches to come, it becomes ever more important that we have a clean and efficient IT infrastructure.

As small players (at least compared to the Yahoo!s and the Equifaxes of the country), we require a different style of protection from that of our bigger cousins. Hiding in plain sight oftentimes is better than explicit security, though an intelligent blending of the two represents the best of both worlds. This leads to my announcement today:

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve developed a new set of Consulting Audits to help ensure we all protect ourselves from hackers and other threats. Our flagship Audit, the IT State Health Check, takes a couple of hours and is revisited periodically to not only help bring your IT infrastructural health up, but also maintain and improve your health score over time. We also now offer additional audits, from Backups to Email to Password Management.

If you are interested in signing up for these audits, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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