Are You Protected?

We help a lot of clients, most of whom are small businesses. Many of us know we need to protect our data. We often take the most basic steps to protect ourselves against data loss, whether it’s using cloud services, system or cloud backups. We even know that just making copies of critical files to an external hard drive is better than nothing. However, we rarely consider how to protect our emails.

One such client recently lost a chunk of their email history. They did not have sufficient backups of their email. They didn’t regularly backup, and they didn’t include their emails in the backups they did do. The result? Data loss.

None of us believe it could happen to us. But the hard truth is we can lose emails nearly as easily as files. And when you consider how critical email history often is to our business processes, it becomes even more shocking.

While upsetting, we can learn from this cautionary tale. Take a closer look at your backups. Are you truly protected against data loss, including emails? If you aren’t sure, please reach out so we can have a conversation about it!