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Our Mission

Your average IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) only works with businesses with a minimum number of computers, but we're not here to help Big Business. We provide next-generation security for the other 99%, the forgotten and ignored majority of the country left to fend for themselves in a world increasingly besieged by phishing attacks and ransomware.

You’re tired of being on the defensive, always worried about how to recover from an attack, recover your data, or reinstall all of your software from scratch.

You can prevent all of that with software that acts like a Tech Ninja; efficient, effective, and quiet.

Join the TechTonic Movement and redefine what it means to "deal with hackers" once and for all.

The First Thing We Do


The first place we start is to help you take control of your own IT through various self-help products.

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Prefer To Delegate?


We offer managed antivirus, backups, and maintenance services. Get set up in 30 minutes - we'll take care of the rest.

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What Clients Say

"What sets BH Tech Connection apart from the others? Simply put Brady has a real passion for what he does in the tech world. He is on time, quick to respond and is very knowledgeable on both Macs and PCs."

— Peter B.

"Brady offers phenomenal tech support. I am not knowledgable about dealing with viruses in my business or secure options for password protection but Brady patiently educated me about choices for my particular concerns and helped me implement them.  He also provided a wonderful referral when he understood a project was not in his area of expertise  His enthusiasm and ability to hear me and delightful manner made my experience with him enjoyable rather than drudgery. For someone who is not a sophisticated tech user, his extensive knowledgebase is invaluable as he shares information and answers every question in comprehensive detail. Thrilled to have found him and consider him my go-to for all my IT

— Margaret M.