IT and Tech Support in San Francisco

For Small Businesses

BH Tech Connection provides small business clients like you with IT and tech support in San Francisco so that you can have less stress and more time to focus on what’s truly important: building and growing your business.

Just because your computers are fast and efficient now does not mean they will be as reliable in the future. Any computer will get bogged down with bloated software, unintentionally take on viruses, develop software issues, or simply break down. At least one of these things is guaranteed. When this happens, you'll want an IT Consultant in your corner to help you recover.

For small businesses, it usually isn't financially feasible to have an in-house IT Department on payroll. With BH Tech Connection, you don’t need to worry about dedicating payroll to an employee who focuses on IT preventative maintenance in your San Francisco business. We make it easy for businesses of various sizes to get San Francisco based IT Consulting for much less than the cost of even one IT employee.

If you'd like to save money, become more efficient in your business, and feel less stressed, check this out!

tech support in san franciscoDo any of these describe you?

  • You have a small business with fewer than 10 employees
  • You don’t have the budget for full-time IT Support
  • You want IT support tailored to your company’s needs, not designed for big businesses.
  • You've run your business and been your own IT department for years, and you're tired of handling it all on your own
  • You would rather prevent issues than have to fix them all the time...

...preferably by someone honest and trusted by the community.

You can stop searching: You found us!

Disaster Recovery & Preventive Maintenance

BH Tech Connection provides services that help businesses recover from computer-related disasters and help them prevent issues from occurring again.

BH Tech Connection provides both guidance to recover data as well as a subscription-based maintenance program to prevent problems and better prepare for the future. In the past year, none of the emergency calls we've received were from clients on our Preventative Maintenance subscription service.

Being able to prevent issues is critical for small businesses that rely on their computers for daily operation. Our Preventative Maintenance program can be tailored to the needs of your business to help your business continue operating with little to no issues as a result of computer failure. See here for more info!

Contact us at BH Tech Connection today to learn more about our disaster recovery and Preventative Maintenance services to ensure that your business is always working at peak efficiency and is never hindered by your own equipment.

Let us help you take the burden off of managing IT on your own or by employees who do not specialize in IT prevention. Our San Francisco based IT Consulting team can help you when you need it most and will make sure your computer equipment is always in the best condition possible.

What Clients Say

"What sets BH Tech Connection apart from the others?
Simply put Brady has a real passion for what he does in the tech world. He is on time, quick to respond and is very knowledgeable on both Macs and PCs."

— Peter B.

"Brady offers phenomenal tech support. I am not knowlagable about dealing with viruses in my business or  secure options for password protection but Brady patiently educated me about choices for my particular concerns and helped me implement them.  He also priovided a wonderful referral when he understood a project was not in his area of expertise  His enthusiasm and ability to hear me and delightful manner made my experience with him enjoyable rather than drudgery. For someone who is not a sophisticated tech user, his extensive knowledge base is invaluable as he shares information  and answers every question in comprehensive detail. Thrilled to have found him and consider him my go to for all my IT

— Margaret M.