IT and Tech Support in San Francisco

For Small Businesses

BH Tech Connection is committed to providing small business clients like you with IT and tech support in San Francisco so that you can focus on what’s important: building and growing your business. For any business that uses computers or other digital equipment (which is virtually every business these days), IT Support San Francisco becomes more important than ever.

Just because your computer systems are fast and efficient now or when you installed them does not mean they will be as reliable in the future. Any computer is known to get bogged down with bloated software, unintentionally take on viruses, have software issues, or simply break down. When this happens, you need to find reliable IT maintenance in San Francisco.

For small businesses, it may not be possible to have an in-house IT consulting employee on your payroll due to finances and budgeting. With BH Tech Connection, you don’t need to worry about dedicating payroll to an employee who focuses on IT maintenance in your San Francisco business. We make it easy for businesses of various sizes to get San Francisco IT consulting when they need it most.

As an IT contracting company, we work for you only when you need it and under the conditions that work for your business. Larger IT contracting companies may not be willing to customize and tailor service to your business size, type, services and needs. At BH Tech Connecting, that is exactly what we do: tailor our service to help your business succeed by fixing computer related problems and preventing them from happening again.


tech support in san franciscoPicture this:

  • You have a small business with fewer than 10 employees
  • You don’t have the budget for full-time IT Support
  • Things keep breaking, but you want your employees to focus on their work
  • You want IT support tailored to your company’s needs, not designed for big businesses.
  • You've run your business and been your own IT department for years
  • You're tired of handling it all on your own
  • You can fix most things that break, but you want things to run more smoothly
  • You would rather prevent issues than have to fix them all the time...

...preferably by someone honest and trusted by the community.

You can stop searching: You found us!

Disaster Recovery & Preventive Maintenance

BH Tech Connection is committed to providing services that help businesses recover from computer related disasters and help them prevent issues from occurring again.

BH Tech Connection provides both emergency recovery services as well as a subscription-based maintenance program to prevent problems in the future. In the past year, none of the emergency calls that BH Tech Connection has received were from clients on our preventive maintenance subscription service.

Being able to prevent issues is critical for small businesses that rely on their computers for daily operation. Our preventative maintenance programs can be tailored to the needs of your business to help your business continue operating with little to no issues as a result of computer failure:

  • Speed up computers and reduce freezing.
  • Computers will stay fast for longer periods of time.
  • Reduce the amount of troubleshooting calls you have to make.
  • Increases the lifespan of computers.
  • Monitors backups to ensure they are running smoothly.
  • Verify that image backups are working for you and your customers.
  • Keeps antivirus software and databases up to date.
  • Swiftly recover from a computer crash.
  • And more!

Contact us at BH Tech Connection today to learn more about our emergency disaster recovery and preventive maintenance to ensure that your business is always working at the fastest speeds and is never hindered by your own equipment.

Let us help you take the burden off of managing IT on your own or by employees who do not specialize in IT maintenance. Our San Francisco IT consulting team can help you when you need it most and will make sure your computer equipment is always in the best condition possible.

What Clients Say

"What sets BH Tech Connection apart from the others?
Simply put Brady has a real passion for what he does in the tech world. He is on time, quick to respond and is very knowledgeable on both Macs and PCs."

— Peter B.

"Brady offers phenomenal tech support. I am not knowlagable about dealing with viruses in my business or  secure options for password protection but Brady patiently educated me about choices for my particular concerns and helped me implement them.  He also priovided a wonderful referral when he understood a project was not in his area of expertise  His enthusiasm and ability to hear me and delightful manner made my experience with him enjoyable rather than drudgery. For someone who is not a sophisticated tech user, his extensive knowledge base is invaluable as he shares information  and answers every question in comprehensive detail. Thrilled to have found him and consider him my go to for all my IT

— Margaret M.

"I am absolutely grateful that a mutual friend introduced me to Brady. I generally don't trust IT guys with my computer, I have always been afraid they would brake something or make the problem worse. Brady took the time to explain to me why my computer was not functioning properly to a non techie like myself, who has very little knowledge about computers. He made the experience quite pleasant and did not make me feel stupid. I highly recommend Brady for any computer problem you might have. Brady is not only very competent, he is professional and you can see the passion in his eyes as he fixes your computer issues."

— Tierney S.