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Small Business Startup IT Package

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If you’re just starting a new business, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed already figuring out taxes, business structure, insurance, staffing goals, funding, and much more. Technology is its own beast that can also feel overwhelming if tech isn’t your strong suit.

We’ve developed our new Small Business IT Startup Package in response to your particular needs, which includes:

  1. An hour-long IT Consult to answer certain important questions around what email platform or cloud storage solution would be most appropriate for your specific situation
  2. A fillable PDF checklist for you to review and check off critical infrastructure as you set it up so you can stay organized, feel more in control of the process, and stress less

To get the checklist and schedule your own IT consult with us, click the Add To Cart button below and proceed to checkout; you’ll then be able to download the PDF and you’ll also receive an email from us with a link to schedule your IT Consult session with us.


4 reviews for Small Business Startup IT Package

  1. Tim M.

    I used the Small Business Startup IT Package when I recently open my solo law practice. The Package, coupled with the friendly, informed guidance from BH Tech Connection, proved invaluable to finding the best IT strategy for my practice. I cannot recommend Brady and his team enough. 

  2. Cameo Roberson

    There’s so much to think about when launching a new business, that IT needs often fall on the backburner. In the virtual world we’re living in, your IT systems need to be set up right at the beginning to make sure they’ll work for you! The Small Business Startup IT Package is a great way to make sure you’ve checked off the IT boxes. Schedule a call with Brady and team – don’t get caught off guard! You’ll be happy you covered all the bases.

  3. Christoph Nauer

    Launching a new business is an exciting time. However, there’s so much to do, think about and plan. Out of the many things that have to get done, most of them the new entrepreneur is not an expert in. Who should he/she hire to help? Now, one area that’s critically important to have set up correctly is IT and there’s nothing better than the Small Business Startup IT Package from BH Tech Connection. Brady and his team make sure that you have what you need to get your business IT set up optimally. This very reasonably priced package is a must for every startup to save yourself from all the headaches of struggling through it alone. I highly recommend you take advantage of their expertise.

  4. Leo Manzione

    Lacking the technical foundation to launch a new business costs you previous time, energy, and money. Customers, employees, and partners expect a streamlined experience so the often overwhelming list of action items can be completed with minimum friction. Even without tech hiccups the failure rate is high. With hiccups like ransomware, malware, lost documents, or falling out of regulatory compliance the adventure can end in a matter of days. Simply put: work with professionals who can provide the IT checklist you need to stay focused on what you do best while they handle the rest. Brady and his team are the best possible professionals I can recommend. They understand what it’s really like to start a business and have built their process around your journey. Quick anecdote before I leave you: Brady’s process prevented someone from accessing one of my business bank accounts at 1:54am on a Tuesday. Thanks to him, I slept right through what could have been an absolute nightmare. Keep up the amazing work Brady, we’re lucky to you have in the fight.

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