Mac OS X High Sierra Bug, and How To Fix It

If you’ve been watching the news over the past couple of days, a new vulnerability has become known that allows unattended Mac OS X computers running the latest operating system, High Sierra, to gate complete and unrestricted access to that machine, even if the unattended logged in user was not an administrator.

That said, Apple has moved fast. They have officially patched this bug, but you should still make sure to check for updates in your Mac and apply all security updates immediately. Once you have done this and rebooted, you should be safe from this vulnerability again, but don’t daudle and wait for it to fix itself through an automatic reboot!

Please note: if you do not have the latest version of Mac OS X (High Sierra 10.13) then you are not subject to this vulnerability, but it is also important that if you plan to upgrade to it, immediately check for updates after upgrading to make sure all security updates are applied so you can skip over this problem.

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