BH Tech Connection Offers Setup with Password Management System with Monthly Subscription

If you added up all the passwords you use to access your various accounts online, we would bet that the number would reach double digits. Sadly, most people compromise their security in an effort to manage their passwords. We’re sure you’re no stranger to one or more of the following (we certainly aren’t):

  • Using the same password for several accounts
  • Using a password that is easy to guess, like your child’s name or a relative’s date of birth
  • Writing your passwords down or storing them electronically in the same place (in your phone contacts, on a spreadsheet, on a notes page on your tablet, or a post it note in your wallet)

Due to being overwhelmed by the number of passwords we need to remember, we’ve all done many (if not all) of the things listed above that we know we shouldn’t do.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution that doesn’t compromise your security! We have access to an incredible password management system which can keep your passwords securely in one place, able to be accessed anytime!

And as a thanks, we are offering access to and setup of this amazing password management system to new monthly subscribers for free!

All you need to do is fill out this form and you can get on the road to better and more secure password management.

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