One of our missions as a member of the Bay Area community is to help provide opportunity to others. Most IT companies, when hiring, require a certain level of experience, education, or training to quality for entry-level positions. If you don't have any of these, however, but still want to start a career in IT, the only real option is to gain them. However, since you can only get experience through internships and entry-level positions, and training often comes with a job in the field, you're often left trying to find internships or figuring out how to go back to school, even while your life continues on with its demands (and its bills).

We break this mold in two ways:

  1. We offer part-time work that can be done outside of business hours. This lets you perform technical work that teaches you skills you'll need as an IT professional while letting you continue to work during business hours to make ends meet. This provides you an "in" to the industry that you may not otherwise have available - and a part-time job is certainly nicer on your wallet than college tuition.
  2. We offer an internship specifically designed for those with no prior IT experience - that's right, none. Our internship program starts you off as a Youngling, but after a few months of live client visits and targeted self study, you'll move up to a true Padawan neophyte and begin learning how IT Consultants work. Stick around long enough, and not only will you see your pay increase, but you can end up with you very own first IT job, right out of the internship - and the experience and certification exams will be pure gold on your resume!

We separate these two styles of learning into two positions: the IT Maintenance Specialist, and the IT Consulting Intern. To learn about how each works, and their requirements, read on below!

IT Maintenance Specialist

The IT Maintenance Specialist is a master multitasker. Working during weekday evenings and Saturdays, they are tasked with remotely controlling various client computers during structured time windows to check on critical systems and clean temp files and other garbage from each system, and they can do up to 3 computers at a time!

This position doesn't require IT-specific knowledge at first; it is trained throughout the first few maintenance shifts. This position is a great choice for people with day-time jobs who still want to learn IT skills and make a little money on the side in the process.

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IT Consulting Intern

The IT Consulting Intern is a powerhouse, a versatile encyclopedia for IT knowledge and skills, a Jedi Master! training. The end of the internship path, should the neophyte pass all their tests and survive their training, will see them join the ranks of the IT Consultant: a seasoned IT professional that knows not only how to troubleshoot nearly everything a computer can (or can't) do, but also how to guide and shape entire networks and infrastructure to supercharge client efficiency and protection.

This position doesn't require any prior IT experience; on-the-job training and targeted self-study will guide the intern through to mastery. This position is a great choice for candidates with reliable transportation, availability during business hours, and a power motivation to break into the IT industry and prove their worth.

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Interested in applying? Email with your resume and cover letter. Make sure the subject references which title you are applying for.